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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Tonight I Feel Said.

Tonight i feel sad, i feel that i have not reached anywhere in my life, i have not met my goals, my dreams, my ideas, or pleasures. I feel that i was just born again, that i have to start over, and it makes me a little scared because i dont have you. I never thought i would feel this way again, but you changed it all. You have the power to do things in my life that you dont even know. You make my days blue, or green, or black and white. Its you who decides how im going to feel, and that is not good. I love you the way you are, i love the man you are, and everything about you. Even when you make my life so tiny, and so little, i think of you, but it doesnt make me happy.
I feel that im very close to the end of what i always thought to be the best part of my life, the love i always dreamed of, the romance anyone would want, or desire, the feeling of your heart beating for many years to the same beat. All of what will be gone forever, and that is the reason for my letter.
I want to tell you that i will never forget you, i will never forget how you kiss, how you caress, how you touch my hands, how you look into my eyes, i can still remember it all. I will never forget how long i waited for you, and still wait, but its the end. I will never forget the day i found you again, and the happiness that drained out of my eyes, it was a very special moment, eventhough you were not there to see it. I will never forget our story, all these years of pain, and suffering, everything you said to me, all the songs you sang, and the letters you wrote will be in my mind for life.
I want to tell you that even though you didnt choose us, and you chose another life, it will be the bottom of my dreams and the core of my heart, it will remain there always, and it will sometimes make me cry. I will survive this because im strong, and because at least i have a love to remember in my life. You and me will never be together, but i, my love, will love you forever.

With all my heart,

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