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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cute Lv Story♥ | Cute Sms

Cute Lv Story♥
Bf: How Are You Swetheart ?
Gf: Not Good :(
Bf: Why? Wat Happened?Gf:I Have Cold . .
Bf: What? How?
Gf: I Had Ice Cream. . Bf: Are You Mad? I HadToldYou Not To Eat IceCream
InThis Rainy Season..
Are You Crazy ? ?
Look Into My Eyes WhatTheHell You Think You Are?
Dont You Have Brain?YouArent A Kid....
Can't You Just TakeCareYourself? Stupid...Idiot....
Gf: Smiled...Hugged Him AndSaid "I LoveYou"

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