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Monday, 9 September 2013

Airtel 3G Trick Feb 2013 | Free Recharge

Hello friends. Once again I am here sharing a awesome trick this trick is latest and more important its first 3g trick i have found on internet by using the trick you can enjoy 3G speed Airtel network at just for free on your computer. It  require 3G Airtel data card and properly lock means you haven't unlock it to use another operator service like most the people do due to costly plan of Internet on Airtel.
So friends this post is for you, by using these trick you can enjoy Airtel 3G service at free of cost on your computer.

What You Need
1. Airtel 3G data card/dongle locked.

2. Airtel SIM.

What You Have To DO:

Step 1: Put you Airtel SIM in dongle connected it to the computer
Step 2:  Go to Device Manager >Select the Modem/ dongle > Advance . In Advance simply type this
(+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”” ).

Step 3: Create a Dial-up connection.

Step 4: It will connected but there will be network access.

Step 5: Go to connect it you will see connected.

Step 6: Right click on connected and click on properties.

Step 7: Go to network tab and check all the checkboxes.

Step 8:click on internet protocol version.

Step 9: click on propeties.

Step 10: select the following DNS server.

Step 11: Enter any free DNS server.

Step 12: Click ok.

Step13: Then again Click ok.

Step 14: A message will appear "Setting will take palce next time you dial it" click ok.

Step 15: Again connect after Disconnecting.
Now your Internet is free!!
 Comment below to let us know that whether trick worked for you or not..

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