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Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Weird Incidents | 18+ Confessions

well its my weird incidents i like to share!
I was caught by a police ,when i was kissing my gf in park ,they took 2000 bucks from me 
and once ,i was doing foreplay wid my gf in a vacant compound in a mall in noida ,there a staff member caught me ,there was a lil hustle bustle btwn us ,but finally i was left aftr payng 500 bucks 
once my hod called my parents ,so i made a fake brother andtook him in front of hod!
Next time when my parents went to meet him ,he said last time his brother came ,mum was shocked and told hod that he is a single child of ours ,kya waat lagi thi us time ,buri wali aaj vi yaad hai !$

and this is final one...
I jumped in girls hostel of my clg at 12 am just to wish happy bday to my gf 
and was caught..

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