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Monday, 25 February 2013

Height Of Addiction

Height of FB :p

A boy's fb status: I am online on
fb during lecture... Haha haha.
Comment frm his prof: Get out of
d class now.
. Dean liked d comment !
Frnd commented: Jaldi aa yaar
cafe main fit Mahoul hai,
Gate Keeper's comment: Saab pehle idar aa ke apni bike lock
Mom commented: Nalayak class
nahi padai nhi toh sabzi le ke
seedha ghr waapis aa, .
Dad commented: Deklo apnay
betay ki harkatain,
GF commented: I hate u !
Mujhse kaha tha daadi hosptl main hain mil nai sakta.
Daadi commented: manhooouuusss
tu ghar aa bataati hu tujhey.
Boy : Oh God!!!! Kill Me :(. :p

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