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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Do You Know A Lot Of People Ask Stupid Questions??

Do You Know A Lot Of People Ask Stupid Questions??
> 10 Most Stupid Questions' People Usually Ask In
> Obvious Situations And
> Some Equally Stupid Answers.
> 1. At The Movies: When You Meet Acquaintances/Friends...
> Stupid Question:- Hey, What Are You Doing Here?
> Answer:- Don't U Know, I Sell Tickets In Black Over
> Here..
> 2. In The Bus: A Heavy Lady Wearing Pointed High Heeled Shoes Steps On
> Your Feet...
> Stupid Question:- Sorry, Did That Hurt?
> Answer:- No, Not At All, I'm On Local Anesthesia.....
> Why Don't You Try Again.
> 3. At A Funeral: One Of The Teary Eyed People Ask...
> Stupid Question:- Why, Why Him, Of All People.
> Answer:- Why? Would It Rather Have Been You?
> 4. At A Restaurant: When You Ask The Waiter
> Stupid Question:- Is The 'Paneer Butter Masala' Dish Good??
> Answer:- No, Its Terrible And Made Of Adulterated
> Cement. We Occasionally Also Spit In It.
> 5. At A Family Get-Together: When Some Distant Aunt Meets You After
> Years...
> Stupid Question:- Munna,Chickoo, You've Become So Big.
> Answer:- Well You Haven't Particularly Shrunk
> Yourself.
> 6. When A Friend Announces Her Wedding, And You Ask...
> Stupid Question:- Is The Guy You're Marrying Good?
> Answer:- No, He's A Miserable Wife Beating,
> Insensitive Lout...It's Just
> The Money.
> 7. When You Get Woken Up At Midnight By A Phone Call...
> Stupid Question:- Sorry. Were You Sleeping?
> Answer:- No. I Was Doing Research On Whether The Zulu Tribes In Africa
> Marry Or Not. And You Thought I Was Sleeping.... You
> Dumb Witted Moron.
> 8. When You See A Friend/Colleague With Evidently Shorter Hair...
> Stupid Question:- Hey Have You Had A Haircut?
> Answer:- No, Its Autumn And I'm Shedding......
> 10. You Are Smoking A Cigarette And A Cute Woman Asks...
> Stupid Question:- Oh, So You Smoke.
> Answer:- Gosh, It's A Miracle ............It Was A Piece Of Chalk And
> Now It's In Flames!!!

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